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How To Get Your Kitchen’s Dirt Magnets Clean

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The kitchen counters and the front of the fridge are easy to keep clean with a daily wipe-down, but how about some of the other areas in your kitchen? For a room that should be kept as clean as possible (so as to discourage bacteria from jumping onto food), it’s sometimes hard to picture the sheer amount of dirt, dust, and bacteria that could be lurking in your kitchen. If you’re curious about what areas in your kitchen are the dirtiest (and how to clean them), then here’s what you need to know. Area #1: The Cabinets Because...

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Electric Clothes Dryer with No Heat? How to Find and Fix the Problem

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Is your electric clothes dryer giving you problems? Does it seem to work but doesn’t produce any heat? If this is a problem you are having, there is a good chance that the dryer is not getting an adequate amount of power or has a failing heating element. Below, you will learn how to test and diagnose the heating issue to make the necessary repairs. Test for Electrical Supply Problems Unplug the dryer and use a voltmeter to test the wall outlet. If the voltmeter is reading less than 240 volts, then you have an electrical problem within...

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