Appliance Maintenance Tips For The Winter

Posted on: 30 December 2019

The winter season can see your appliances getting a workout, as you'll likely be indoors more often due to the cold weather, and may use certain appliances more often as a result. If you want to help your kitchen appliances get through the winter with no issues, here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Run the Self Cleaning Cycle Once a Month

Many appliances have a self-cleaning option, including your oven and possibly your dishwasher or clothes washer. These cleaning cycles will put the appliance through its paces and may notify you of major issues that you might not have otherwise found. The actual cleaning also goes a long way towards keeping things running efficiently throughout the season. For example, running a self-cleaning cycle on your oven in January is a good idea, as it will allow your oven to recover from all of that baking you did in December.

Check Vents and Flaps

Some of your appliances like your dryer might have vents or flaps that lead to outside the house. You'll want to periodically check up on any vents to make sure there are no obstructions or blockages, as a build up of lint could be a fire hazard. Alternatively, you might have flaps that are designed to keep pests from entering your home. It's important to check these flaps during the winter as this is the season when more and more pests will be looking for somewhere warm to hide when temperature drops below freezing.

Be Aware of the Temperature of the Room Where You Are Keeping Your Appliances

Some families looking to add a second freezer or fridge to their home sometimes put it out in the garage or down in the basement. But your garage or an unfinished basement might have get especially cold during the winter season. You might think this is ideal because you want the contents of the fridge or freezer to remain cold anyway, but in many cases, this might void your appliance's warranty. Operating or even storing a fridge in cold temperatures could cause damage to the appliance. Come up with an alternative solution or add more insulation to these rooms in order to keep the temperature up.

Get a Professional Inspection

For best results when it comes to your appliances, schedule a professional inspection for everything in your kitchen or laundry room at least once a year. Contact a local appliance maintenance professional today for more information